Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Day 8: The Final Push (Audio)

Ben searching his database for "vomiting". Surprisingly his query returned 9,000,000 results

There be Saints in this world, I tells ya, SAINTS! Ben down at Fast Cuts saved the day. Though we were willing to settle for whatever audio we could pull together on Matt's Mr. Microphone, Ben and co. were nice enough to put together a choir, cobble together the s/fx AND mix it all down for us. Why? Because they believe in the magic of the Christmas Pickle.

Matt shown here with his Mr. Microphone
(As seen on the Zapruder film)

You truly haven't lived until you've sat in a plush recording studio debating the finer points of vomit sound effects. I think we learned a lot about each other around the 33rd time we laughed aloud at the concept of a streaking pickle (watch the film). Clearly, when people refer to us as "professionals" they should do so while making little air quotes.

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